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    ccna考試流程及注意事項(CCNA examination process and matters needing attention)

    時間:2018-09-07 09:53:24

    ccna 考試流程及注意事項(CCNA examination process and matters needing attention) ccna 考試流程及注意事項(CCNA examination process and matters needing attention) The CCNA examination process and matters needing attention 1。 CCNA - CISCO Certified Network Engineer, CISCO manufacturers certification exam。 The examination requirements: no requirements for education, professional, age。 Test time: commercial examination examination, there is no fixed time, advance booking exam, exam at any time。 Test place: the city can exam。

    2。 exam questions, how to reference CCNA test code 640-802, the examination time for 140 minutes, a total of 1000 points, the score of 825, the latest version of V104。4 database。 Examination questions: multiple-choice questions, test questions, drag Tutu。 At present, the examination of general examination of 53 questions, three compulsory experiment, drag a graph problem generally consider three questions, sometimes fail to, the rest is choice。 (1) choice, is the original title, items and options described with questions are the same, the answer will change the order。

    (2) drag map, calculate the subnet mask dragged figure captions, is on the left side of the IP address onto the graph corresponding to the right position, when the exam IP address will certainly change, questions are exactly the same, see the database to understand。 (3) the title, only three of the three test is compulsory, that is the legendary "EIGRP VTP ACL" auspicious Sambo, the same type, sites, methods to solve, the experimental data will change。 (4) CCNA test scores, every problem there is no specific score, at the end of 300 points, one answer has 300 points。